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Age Management Center of New England: More than 30 years of combined experience helping men address their hormonal health to improve their well-being and quality of life.

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Professional ED Support from the Age Management Center of New England

More than 50 percent of men experience difficulties in the bedroom as they age. But ED doesn’t just affect “older” men. Men as young as their 20s and 30s can suffer from challenges in the bedroom, too.

If you’re one of the millions of men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction, whether you’ve already tried a host of remedies or this is your first time seeking ED support, we are proud to offer the clinically proven GAINSWave® therapy in Maine. This revolutionary ED treatment uses high-frequency acoustic waves to eliminate plaque build-up and enhance blood flow to your intimate areas providing real, long-lasting results.

If you’re interested in learning more about GAINSWave® or other treatments for erectile dysfunction, the professionals at the Age Management Center of New England are available every step of the way.

Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential screening to learn more about therapies for ED.

About Us

The Age Management Center of New England works with men and women seeking professionally designed and guided hormone replacement therapies, weight management counsel, and intimate health therapies. Patients receive individualized care, with treatments designed based on their personal needs and goals. Our goal is to address the undesirable symptoms often associated with the aging process and improve patients’ overall quality of life.

The process beings with a free, confidential screening to discuss your needs and goals.

The Age Management Center is helping patients optimize their health and improve their quality of life. Contact us today to schedule your free screening. We look forward to hearing from you!

Testimonials From

Real Patients

I have had the pleasure of working with the Age Management Center for several years and have been extremely pleased. They offer quality services that you cannot find at any other place here in Maine. Above all, the staff is second to none.

I have received GAINSWave® treatment with Kelsey for several years now. She has always been extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. When I first showed up there, I remember being extremely nervous and embarrassed to be there for men’s sexual health issues. Kelsey was able to put me at ease with her kind professionalism. I now look forward to chatting with her when I come in.

The treatments themselves have been of great benefit to me. I had found that traditional treatment methods for erectile dysfunction had offered me little benefit. When I first went to the Age Management Center, I had very low expectations due to nothing else working. I ended up being amazed by the benefits of the treatment.

I found that the treatments restored my sexual health back to a point that I had not experienced in years. I still get some maintenance treatments from time to time but the benefits are long lasting. If you are a man with ED issues, do not give up without trying out the solutions at the Age Management Center. Dr. Bedecs, Kelsey and the whole team there helped me regain a part of my life that I thought was gone forever. I cannot thank them enough.

5 star rating
Kirk R.

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